BosniaThe First Shall Be Last – Getting “America First” Right

The appeal of “putting America first” and the UK’s Brexit reflect the rise of nationalism. Matched with a rising China, a belligerent Russia and an ascendant Iran and you have a dangerous global landscape. Advancing America’s best interests has always necessitated attracting allies to our cause. This requires America pushing back against the nationalistic impulses of others, not fanning our own. America First can only work if other nations believe that America is their last best hope.

Drawing from three decades of active global engagement as an academic, business leader, Congressman, presidential advisor, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Kennedy makes the case that America is more likely to achieve its aims by attracting others with honey than lecturing them with vinegar.

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Mark Kennedy served as a trade advisor during the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Kennedy is founder and chair of the Economic Club of Minnesota that sponors the annual Bill Frenzel Champion of Free Trade Award (learn more).

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 Photo © Kennedy - visiting National Guard peacekeeping troops in Bosnia