Mark Kennedy

Race for Tech Leadership

America has enjoyed the advantage of being the home of the most innovative technologies for over a century due to substantial investments in education and research to fuel discovery and a commitment to the global expansion of trade opening markets for its innovative products. This has propelled its prosperity by making its products in high demand and its security by giving its military an advantage over any foe. As other nations have outpaced the federal government’s support for research, states have reduced their support for higher education and recent trade actions have alienated partners, other nation's have dramatically invested in their technological capabilities. We are at an inflection point. Depending on its response, America will keep its innovative edge or surrender it at great risk to its future prosperity and national security.

The real Space Force — a great second season

Op Ed - Air Force Times - November 21, 2021

Must Be Present to Win

Speech: World Trade Center Denver - World Trade Day - May 21, 2021
"As the most significant player in the digital space, America has the most to gain or lose, but ironically, at exactly the worse time to do so, we opted to sit on the sidelines and complain as we continue to watch the rest of the world define the rules for us.

Interview: American in the World

CU Conference on World Affairs - April 5, 2021
Interviewing Bob Zoellick on his new book.

Does freedom depend on technological leadership?

Speech: Winter Night Club - Colorado Springs - January 21, 2021
None of us have lived in a world where a democracy was not home to the most advanced technology. Only recently have we begun to worry about whether an autocratic nation could achieve technological leadership and what the consequences would be if it did.

Competing in the Next Economy

National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers Report - December 2020
Honored to be a member of this commission.

Preventing a Global Trade War: Is It Too Late?

Panel - G1 Global Conference in Tokyo - October 14, 2018

Private sector can play critical role in easing world hunger

Op Ed with Richard Leach - Minneapolis Star Tribune - October 6, 2018

American Grand Strategy in an Age of Upheaval

Panel with Hal Brands - November 6, 2018

Effectively Engaging China

Panel with Scott Kennedy - April 3, 2018

Trump's Right on Hacking, Wrong on Yuan

Op Ed - Wall Street Journal - November 15, 2015

Expand trade, improve economy: Column

Op Ed with Mack McLarty - USA Today - February 12, 2014