Mark Kennedy


How the US can lead in the ‘Space Century’

Op Ed in The Hill - April 27, 2022

Space experts should oppose disruption of Space Command

Quote in Denver Gazette Editorial - April 7, 2022
"China sending a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile circling the globe in near earth orbit and then maneuvering toward its target should make it clear that the imperative to preserve leadership in space is nothing to joke about.” “Russia’s recent satellite destruction affirms, the new high ground is space, and it is contested."

Marine Corps Risks Moving Too Fast, but Also Too Slow

We must focus on the capabilities to deter China, not on preserving legacy systems and structures more suited to past conflicts.

The real Space Force — a great second season

OP Ed - Air Force Times - November 21, 2021

Advancing Discoveries to Speed Intervention

Podcast with Ron Sokol and Emily Davies - July 13, 2021

Space Force Adds University of Colorado to Upcoming Partnership Program

Air Force Magazine - June 25, 2021
Kennedy said he’s “thrilled” that the University Partnership Program will involve both workforce development and research development​...

CU to join Space Force partnership

Boulder Daily Camera - June 25, 2021
The partnership program will also serve the Colorado Springs campus, said system President Mark Kennedy, with potential to expand to the Denver and Anschutz campuses.


Unanimously Approved by Board of Regents - June 17, 2021

Colorado’s Best Minds + CU Innovators = A Better Future

President's Innovation Podcast - June 8, 2021
President Mark Kennedy and host Emily Davies speak with serial entrepreneur, Stan Lapidus, about his accomplishments and insights on business collaboration in advancing health care, from ingenuity to implementation.

Kennedy's legacy with be advances in diversity and CU's online programs

Op Ed by Hank Brown - Denver Post - May 29, 2021

CU Innovations Brings Sciences from Inception to Implementation

Podcast with Kimberly Muller - May 28, 2021

Reading House Mouse, Senate Mouse

Event: Compositive School - May 27, 2021
Building our democracy requires starting civics education early.

Must Be Present to Win

Speech: World Trade Center Denver - World Trade Day - May 21, 2021
"As the most significant player in the digital space, America has the most to gain or lose, but ironically, at exactly the worse time to do so, we opted to sit on the sidelines and complain as we continue to watch the rest of the world define the rules for us.

Interview: Amateur Hour: Presidential Character and the Question of Leadership

CU Boulder Conference on World Affairs - May 20, 2021
Interview of Dr. Lara Brown regarding her new book.

The Education Continuum for Colorado’s Economic Success

Panel: Colorado Business Roundtable - May 19, 2021

Funding, pay equity, DEI among key topics in President Kennedy’s address to Faculty Senate

CU Connections - April 29, 2021

Building CU’s Strength through Diversity

Podcast with Theodosia Cook and Emily Davies - April 28, 2021

MOSAIC to celebrate new space with ribbon cutting

UCCS Communique - April 22, 2021

Interview: American in the World

CU Conference on World Affairs - April 5, 2021
Interviewing Bob Zoellick on his new book.

Future of U.S. Space Command

Event: Winter Night Club - March 31, 2021
Attended General “Jay” Raymond, U.S. Space Command and Commander, discuss the development and expansion of the U.S. Space Command/

Expanding the Springs' aerospace and defense impact

Coloardo Springs Gazette OpEd - March 23,2021
Op Ed with Frank Backes, Kevin O’Neil and Venkat Reddy

The Future of Higher Education for the CU System and CU Denver

CU Denver School of Public Affairs - March 5, 2021

DEI Through C-Suite Activism

Panel - February 9, 2021

Visit to the Catalyst Campus for Technology & Innovation

Event: Colorado Springs - January 22, 2021
Great collaboration by Kevin O'Neill and team that is fueling Colorado's #Aerospace industry.

Does freedom depend on technological leadership?

Speech: Winter Night Club - Colorado Springs - January 21, 2021
None of us have lived in a world where a democracy was not home to the most advanced technology. Only recently have we begun to worry about whether an autocratic nation could achieve technological leadership and what the consequences would be if it did.

Remarks Regarding Washington, D.C. Riot

Statement - January 6, 2021

Competing in the Next Economy

National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers Report - December 2020
Honored to be a member of this commission.

Colorado uniquely positioned to serve Space Command's mission

OpEd: Denver Gazette - December 18, 2020
"Colorado’s powerful convergence of academic, industry, government and philanthropic assets set us apart from the pack. We are uniquely positioned to meet Space Command’s needs and help advance its mission and strategic priorities."

UCCS' astronautical engineering program expanding with Anschutz Foundation donation

Article: Colorado Springs Gazette - December 16, 2020
“This gift will help grow our leadership in these areas for the benefit of the state and the nation,” he said in a statement.

Space Command belongs here in Colorado Springs: State leaders make closing argument

Colorado Springs Gazette - December 16, 2020
"With the support and encouragement of The Anschutz Foundation, we plan to expand UCCS’ engineering building, allowing us to educate more engineers."

How COVID-19 has been, and is, changing CU

OpEd: Boulder Daily Camera - December 12, 2020
If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that technology plays an important and growing role in how we deliver a CU education. We continue to make progress on our systemwide online and technology initiatives, but there is much work to be done.

State of the University Address

Speech - December 11, 2020

Five questions for Mark Kennedy

CU Connections - December 10, 2020

Bolstering efforts to fight student food insecurity

CU Connections - December 3, 2020

President Kennedy boosts emergency funding

CU Connections - November 19, 2020

UCCS to Educate More Cybersecurity Professionals

Event: Tour UCCS Cybersecurity - October 28, 2020

UCCS Offers World-Class Education, Research and Discovery

Event: UCCS Tour - October 26, 2020

President Kennedy visits UCCS

UCCS Communique - October 16, 2020

CU Denvers Educates the Diverse Talent the World Needs

Tour: CU Denver - October 14, 2020

CU Anschutz Was Amongst First to Re-Open Labs

Event: Tour of CU Anshutz - October 12, 2020

Panel: Disruptive Evolution in US Politics? The November Elections

G1 Global Conference - Tokyo - October 11, 2020

Colorado and Indian state of Karnataka look to business opportunities

Denver Post - October 7, 2020
“India is one of the most important countries for higher education,” said Mark Kennedy, president of the University of Colorado System."

Constitution Day and keeping the dream alive

Op Ed Denver Gazette - September 17, 2020

CU Boulder Team Builds Hope for Trek to Mars

Podcast with Dan Baker and Ken McConnellogue - September 8, 2020

Visit to Buckley Space Force Base

Event - August 31, 2020

University of Colorado strengthens state’s economy

CU Connections - August 20, 2020

Future of Higher Education

Panel - Denver Metro Chamber - August 19, 2020

Changing Course at the University of Colorado

FOX TV - Denver - August 18, 2020

CU is Putting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Forefront

Podcast with Theodosia Cook - August 12, 2020

CU records second-best fundraising year

CU Connections - August 6, 2021

President Mark Kennedy has CU on the right course

Denver Gazette Editorial - August 8, 2020

Reimagining Higher Education in a Post Pandemic Colorado

Panel - Colorado Business Roundtable - August 5, 2020

University of Colorado Anschutz, Boulder Launch New Initiative to Expand Research Collaborations

CU Anschutz News - July 28, 2020
CU’s world-class researchers have long excelled at collaborations that improve lives, save lives and enhance the quality of life in our state and beyond,” said CU President Mark Kennedy. “This effort will lead to even more innovation and discovery.”

CU responding to the pressing demands of the times

Op Ed - Denver Gazette - July 23, 2020

Our destiny in space will decide our destiny as a nation

Washington Examiner - June 10, 2020

CU closely watching progress of SpaceX

CU Connections - May 28, 2020

The importance of innovation for CU in the age of COVID-19 and beyond

Podcast with Ken McConnellogue - May 19, 2020

Pandemic has accelerated innovation in education

Op Ed - Denver Gazette - May 17, 2020

University of Colorado Commencement

Speech - May 16, 2020

Mark and Debbie Kennedy Frontiers of Freedom Award

George Washington University - May 2020

CU President Kennedy’s coronavirus update

Podcast - CU on the Air - April 29, 2020

CU’s mission is our priority

Video Statement - April 9, 2020

Unprecedented times, unprecedented board meeting

CU Connections - April 9, 2020

Five questions for President Mark Kennedy

CU Connections - February 27, 2020

CU names chief diversity officer

CU Connections - February 13, 2020

Mark Kennedy: Underfunding CU endangers our state’s future

Op Ed - Denver Post - January 23, 2020

University of Colorado sets system wide record with $1.2 billion in research funding

Boulder Daily Camera - October 3, 2019

Launching CU's Strategic Planning

Video Statement - September 30, 2019

Q&A with Mark Kennedy | Leading CU toward the 'fourth industrial revolution'

Interview - Colorado Politics - September 23, 2019

Pre-planning for strategic planning process underway

CU Connections - August 22, 2019

Catching up with CU’s 23rd president – what’s ahead?

Podcast with Ken McConnellogue - July 24, 2019

CU system president Mark Kennedy starts outreach tour

Boulder Daily Camera - July 21, 2021

Five Vital Lessons From George H.W. Bush

Op Ed - Foreign Policy - December 2, 2018

Social and Political Fractures in America Wounds Remedies and Scars

Panel - G1 Global Conference in Tokyo - October 14, 2018

Preventing a Global Trade War: Is It Too Late?

Panel - G1 Global Conference in Tokyo - October 14, 2018

Private sector can play critical role in easing world hunger

Op Ed with Richard Leach - Minneapolis Star Tribune - October 6, 2018

American Grand Strategy in an Age of Upheaval

Panel with Hal Brands - November 6, 2018

Together We Reach Higher

UND Summer Commencement August 3. 2018

Effectively Engaging China

Panel with Scott Kennedy - April 3, 2018

From Jedi to Leaders in Action

UND Commencement - December 15, 2017

And Cubed

UND Commencement - May 13, 2017

Shapeholders - Business Success in the Age of Activism

Book - Columbia University Press - May 2017

European Union : Drifting Apart Despite Economic Recovery?

Panel with Michael Heise - February 10, 2016

Turkey’s new constitution: rules require rights

Financial Times - January 21, 2016

Trump's Right on Hacking, Wrong on Yuan

Op Ed - Wall Street Journal - November 15, 2015

Mark Kennedy's 7A Approach to Shapeholder Engagement

Interview - Toyo Keizai - December 31, 2014

Expand trade, improve economy: Column

Op Ed with Mack McLarty - USA Today - February 12, 2014

Is Persuasion a Lost Art?

Book Chapter: Is Persuasion a Lost Art? - 2014

Sustainable Development

Chapter: Pursuing Purposeful Profit - April 2014