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Mark R. Kennedy

Director, Wilson Center's Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition

“Kennedy doesn’t ignore the elephant in the room; to the contrary, he looks it straight in the eye.” John King - CNN
As Director of the Wilson Center’s Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition, Mark Kennedy (U.S. Congress, 2001-07 MN) defines paths to strengthening America’s alliances, and the technology, trade, energy, infrastructure and industrial base foundations of its economic and global leadership.
As a Senior Fellow at CNA - Center for Naval Analyses and an appointed Civic Leader supporting the Secretary of the Air Force, Kennedy champions the grand strategy and military needed to deter aggression.
Mark applies experiences as a first-generation college graduate, President Emeritus of the University of Colorado, President of the University of North Dakota, presidentially appointed member of the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations, author of Shapeholders, Business Success in the Age of Activism (Columbia University Press), member of the Council on Foreign Relations, member of the Boston Global Forum’s Board of Thinkers, Chairman Emeritus of the Economic Club of Minnesota, corporate executive, University of Michigan MBA (with distinction) and St. John’s University (MN) graduate.
Kennedy has engaged wide cross-sections of society in over 45 countries, including refugee camps, war zones, 60+ military bases and three aircraft carriers at sea.

Profiled Media

Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition

What is Strategic Competition?

Wilson Center Video - January 4, 2024

America Must Awaken from Complacency to Win the Tech Race

Wilson Center Policy Brief - March 6, 2024

Events and Publications

Tyndall Air Force Base - Florida - July 17, 2024
Following the devastation of Hurricane Michael, it is rebuilding as the "installation of the future." #AimHigh
360° View of America’s “ICE Pact” Polar Icebreaker Partnership with Canada and Finland - July 17, 2024
Intro to Air Force Fellow Col. Michelle Sterling's Insights - July 10, 2024
Wilson Center Policy Brief - July 9, 2024
Wilson Center Policy Brief - July 1, 2024
Co-authored wtih Jeffrey Kucik and Lionel C. Johnson, in collaboration with the Pacific Pension and Investment Institute.
At LASK Airbase where Poland will station F-35’s it purchased for itself, I witnessed part of the significant investments on behalf of the US military underway throughout the nation funded by Poland.
A collaboration among 11 European countries and the US operating in Papa, Hungary provide airlift capacity to nations not large enough to afford an independent capability. This collaboration among Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden and the US funds base facilities and three C-17 airlift planes in proportion to each country’s usage. The staffing is also shared proportionately.
Wilson Center Public Policy Brief - June 27, 2024
Co-authored wtih Jeffrey Kucik and Lionel C. Johnson, in collaboration with the Pacific Pension and Investment Institute.
Impressive base with many capabilities including the only fighter wing south of the Alps.
Visit with US Air and Space Forces Civic Leaders - June 23-26, 2024
Having just hitched a ride over the Atlantic on a United States Air Force C-17 (behind me), two days of briefings convinced me that the US Air Force's Ramstein Air Base in Germany is indeed America's "Global Gateway." #AimHigh
Honored to Join Board - June 21, 2024
Briefing on Enlargement - May 31, 2024
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in background of photo with Paul Roggenbuck and Barry Horwiz.
Inaugural Speaker of the Wilson Center's Winston Churchill Lecture Series - May 22, 2024
Briefing to New Democrats Congressional Task Force - May 22, 2024
Briefed Rep. Greg Stanton (AZ-04) and Rep. Lucy McBath (GA-07) with Wilson Center colleagues Benjamin Gedan, Kellee Wicker and Diego Marroquin.
Roundtable Discussion - Doha, Qatar - May 20, 2024
Visit with Base Leadership - May 19, 2024
Tour of Base - May 18, 2024
Wilson Center 360° View of New Tariffs on China - May 16, 2024
Organized and Led Wilson Center Roundtable in London - May 15, 2024
Featured Adam Wang-Levine, Deputy Assistant U.S. Treasury Secretary
US Chamber China Business Conference - May 8, 2024
Testimony to US Trade Representative - May 2, 2024
Testimony to US Trade Representative - May 2, 2024
Quoted in Nikkei Asia - May 1, 2024
Blinken’s visit comes after repeated warnings by the U.S. government that it may widen its sanctions against Russia to include Chinese banks that have facilitated trade. “The United States has already given ample warning that this could happen, “Mark Kennedy, director of the Wilson Center think tank’s Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition, told Nikkei Asia. “I haven’t seen anything come back from China suggesting that they’re paying attention to those warnings.”
Wilson Center Roundtable - April 30, 2024
Good discussion on the future of the transatlantic economy and trade, as well as US-European alignment on China.
Wilson Center Policy Brief with Dr. Jeff Kucik - April 30, 2024
Panelist for Department of State / USAID Workshop - April 22, 2024
Voice of America, Korea - April 13, 2024
Now that Japan is upgrading both their military capabilities as well as the flexibility with which to use them, the benefits that the alliance gets from being able to act together are greater...So I think to have a long term aspiration that perhaps South Korea could plug greater into that command and control process is an appropriate question to keep at our forefront.”
Wilson Center Briefing with Minister Ahn Duk-guen - April 10, 2024
Guest Lecture to Class of Georgetown Professor Dr. Nita Rudra - April 9, 2024
Panel Discussion with the McCarthy Center - April 4, 2024
Op-Ed with Dr. Jeff Kucik - March 28, 2024
Op Ed in The Hill with Dr. Jeff Kucik - March 22, 2024
Op-Ed in DevEx with Dr. Jeff Kucik - March 22, 2024
Policy Brief with Sam Barr - March 21, 2024
Economic Club of Minnesota Champion of Free Trade Event - March 19, 2024
Moderated discussion on trade with Senator Toomey.
Unveiling of Gift from Ukraine to US - March 13, 2024
Honored to join Felice Gorordo, Acting US Executive Director of the The World Bank, Her Excellency Oksana Markarova, Ukraine's Ambassador to the US, World Bank President Ajay Banga, Sr. Managing Director Axel van Trotsenburg, Managing Director Anna Bjerde and Roman Kachur at unveiling o a US Seal, handmade in Ukraine
VOA China - March 7, 2024
"Perhaps in response to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's recent remarks about the United States' lack of confidence, President Biden insists that it is the United States that is rising," Kennedy told VOA via email. "As the People's Republic of China seeks to disengage from U.S. technology, President Biden emphasizes that the United States is investing more in research and development than ever before thanks to the CHIP and Science Act. Amid declining foreign direct investment in the People's Republic of China, President Biden emphasizes that the United States' progress in clean energy and advanced manufacturing attracted $650 billion in private sector investment'."
Wilson Center Policy Brief - March 6, 2024
Policy Brief with Dr. Jeff Kucik - March 5, 2024
Wilson Center Smart Take - March 1, 2024
Lackland Air Base - San Antonio, TX - February 26-29, 2024
In addition to learning more about how the Air Force recruits and trains, got to attend a Basic Military Training Graduation Ceremony - her with a Space Force Squadron.
Wilson Center Policy Brief with Lea Thome - February 26, 2024
Quoted in Voice of America - February 14, 2024
“The general view by many lawyers from multiple countries is that if this decision is made by international bodies, that it is an ‘authorized taking,’ whether it be the pledge against loans or just expropriating the assets themselves,” Mark Kennedy, director of the Wilson Center’s Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition, told VOA. “I think it is going to happen in some way, shape or form, though whether it's near term or not is yet to be seen,” he said. “There’s a feeling that this is appropriate justice, vis-a-vis Russia.”
360° View of Policies Needed to Secure Shipping Chokepoints - February 13, 2024
Wilson Center Interview - February 12, 2024
Interviewing Simon Curtis and Ian Klaus, authors of the soon-to-be-released book The Belt and Road City: Geopolitics, Urbanization, and China’s Search for a New International Order, together with Lea Thome.
Wilson Center Smart Take - January 30, 2024
Wilson Center Panel Discussion - January 16, 2024
Co-Panelist: Hon. Geordin Hill-Lewis Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa
NewsNation Interview - January 15, 2024
Wilson Center Video - January 4, 2024
Interview on NewsNation - January 3, 2024
Voice of America China - December 21, 2023
“Abandoning the Ukraine struggle that is central to European security would embolden Xi Jinping in Asia as it suggests a lack of enduring American resolve to defend freedom and support allies.”
Moderator of Economic Club of Minnesota Panel - December 15, 2023
Wilson Center Policy Brief - December 6, 2023
Speech at CNA (Center for Naval Analysis) - November 28, 2023
Wilson Center Video Recap - November 20, 2023
Comments with Wilson Center President and DFC Deputy CEO - November 20, 2023
Working Group Policy Brief - November 20, 2023
Recap by US International Development Corporation Deputy CEO of Wilson Center Event comments - November 20, 2023
Attended Ceremony as Civic Leader - November 17,2023
Hosting Three Panels and Keynote Address at the Wilson Center - November 15, 2023
Photo - Wilson Center President Mark Green, DFC Deputy CEO Nisha Biswal, WISC Chairman Sadek Wahba.
Wilson Center Policy Recommendations - November 15, 2023
State Department International Visitors Program - November 15, 2023
Meeting with Felice Gorordo, US Alternate Executive Director of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development - November 15, 2023
Interview on NewsNation - November 14, 2023
Exchange of ideas with Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University - November 9, 2023
Shown with the Wilson Center's Robert Daly and Sinderpal Singh is Senior Fellow and Assistant Director, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Wilson Center Event with National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) - November 8, 2023
Quoted in Voice of America Korea - November 7, 2023
"I think U.S., Japan and Korea, having come together as closely as they have in recent months, is part of what's motivating China to now want to make sure that they're building and in keeping those strong relations with their own neighbors.”
Wilson Center Collaboration - November 6, 2023
Conversation on Economic Development of Taiwan and the partnership with the United States with Dr. Ko-Hsiung, Lien - Director, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research Research Division VIII and our mutual colleagues.
Wilson Center Policy Brief - Nov 2, 2023
USCIB Foundation Event - October 25, 2023
Wilson Center Policy Brief - October 20, 2023
Americans must see past the baseless excuses for not continuing to support a democracy under brutal assault. When the Soviet Union broke up, the US gave Ukraine security assurances to give up its nuclear weapons. Now Ukraine’s liberty is on the line. So is America’s credibility.
Quoted in VOA - October 13, 2023
Mark Kennedy, director of the Wilson Center's Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition who served as U.S. congressman representing Minnesota from 2001-07, said, "Depending how the tragic Israeli-Hamas conflict plays out, it could actually enhance American standing in its strategic competition with China."
Quoted in Radio Free Asia - October 13, 2013
"In past conflicts related to Israel, the United States was a key material aid provider, but it has never directly intervene in the war. Therefore, the United States’ focus on East Asia and the military resources invested in East Asia will not be distracted.” "The United States recently moved an aircraft carrier to the sea off Israel. Its purpose was to warn Iran and Russia not to intervene in the war, but this aircraft carrier has always been in the Middle East. The United States has strategic deployments in the Middle East and East Asia, and Ukraine and Israel Conflict will not tip the balance in which the United States is now focused on East Asia."
Wilson Center Policy Brief - October 11, 2023
Meeting with Viktorija Rusinaité - Director of Research and Analysis - October 11, 2023
Wilson Center Interview - October 5, 2023
National Association of Evangelicals - October 4, 2023
Wilson Center Panel Discussion - October 4, 2023
Panel included Philip Zelikow, Professor of History at the University of Virginia and Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and Robert Zoellick, US Trade Representative from 2001 to 2005 and President of the World Bank from 2007 to 2012.
Op-Ed in The Hill - October 2, 2023
State Department - NIC - Embassy of Canada - September 27, 2023
Collaboration with US Council for International Business Foundation - September 15, 2023
Wilson Center Policy Brief - September 5, 2023
Quoted in Josh Rogin Op Ed - August 31, 2023
“All of these policy changes (by China) do not make sense if the goal is to promote long-term economic growth, but they could make sense if they are meant to help endure a conflict with the West,” Mark Kennedy, director of the Wilson Center’s Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition, told me.
Speech to University of Tokyo Program Supported by Daikin - August 25, 2023
Wilson Center Policy Brief - August 24, 2023
Wilson Center Policy Brief - August 15, 2023
World Trade Online Article - July 26, 2023
The panel moderator, Mark Kennedy, director of the Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition at the Wilson Center, noted that the supply chain pillar agreement announced in May still was undergoing “legal scrubbing” and that it was not known whether it would include a dispute resolution mechanism, among other outstanding questions.
Tour with Air and Space Forces Civic Leaders - July 19-21, 2023
Proud of the work of our United States Space Force guardians and Air Force airmen keeping us safe.
Visit with Air and Space Forces Civic Leaders - July 21, 2023
Complex now operated by SpaceX. Pad on right of photo launched Apollo 11 that resulted in Neil Armstrong being the 1st to walk on moon exactly 54 years prior to day of visit. Pad on left of photo being built for Starship to return to moon
International Infrastructure Working Group Report - July 19, 2023
Wilson Center Policy Brief - July 17, 2023
Quote in Voice of America - July 12, 2023
As NATO committed to work together to address the systemic challenges posed by the PRC to Euro-Atlantic security, the most important action the alliance can take is to stay unified, said Mark Kennedy, director of the Wahba Institute of Strategic Competition at the Wilson Center. “That was exhibited in the communique,” he told VOA. “The key will be to translate these commitments into reality.”
Meeting with Australia Trade and Investment Commission in Canberra - July 4, 2023
Meeting With AMCHAM-Australia in Sydney - July 3, 2023
Meeting with G-20's Global Infrastructure Hub in Sydney - July 3, 2023
Discussion with PSA International Group CEO in Singapore - June 30, 2023
Wilson Center Panel Discussion - June 29, 2023
June 28-29, 2023
Meeting with AMCHAM Singapore - June 27, 2023
Quoted in NPR Article - June 26, 2023
Mark Kennedy, director of the Wilson Center's Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition, said that the Chinese government has laws that allow the government to access information held by its citizens and corporations. "That ability by the government to gain access to information is one of the reasons why people view the risk of dealing with a Chinese corporation similar to what they would view as the risk of dealing with the Chinese Communist Party or the government," Kennedy said.
World Trade Online Article - June 22, 2023
“Now is not the time for sliding down slippery slopes in a race to the protectionist bottom. Rather than shards of truths, today’s strategic competition demands a clear-eyed view and dedicated effort to open markets for American products and services so that all workers not only prosper, but remain secure.”
Wilson Center Conference - June 21, 2023
Policy Brief with Marie Lam-Frendo - June 20, 2023
Wilson Center Panel Discussion - June 9, 2023
Speech to Canada School of Public Service - June 8, 2023
Speech to HOPE Binational Fellowship - May 24, 2023
Quoted by Al Jazeera - May 17, 2023
“Europe has witnessed the impact of coercion within its ranks more vividly than the US, most recently in Lithuania, and endured the pain from overreliance on a sole supplier as it weaned itself off reliance on Russian energy,” Kennedy told Al Jazeera. “A focus on de-risking by diversifying supply chain … by building partnerships with low- and middle-income countries through investment and aid is very unifying. It also can be presented to the Global South as a location for alternative sourcing.”
Interview of Enoh Ebong, Director of the US Trade and Development Agency - May 3, 2023
Interview of Marie Lam-Frendo, CEO of the Global Infrastructure Hub - April 26, 2023
Wilson Center NOW Interview - April 20, 2023
Singapore Business Times - April 10, 2023
As my colleague Mark Kennedy and I wrote recently, in the aftermath of the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles brought on two decades of economic and political isolationism – and led the world directly into the Second World War. It was only after that vastly more destructive experience that the free world settled on the so-called “Washington Consensus” – a set of policy recommendations that, Kennedy wrote, “advocated for market-driven domestic economies and an openness to trade and investment.” It was this era of global engagement that established a global rules-based economic system, and that in turn led to unprecedented growth and prosperity for everyone including China.
A Conversation with Amos Hochstein - New Security Beat - April 7, 2023
NewsNation Live Interview - April 5, 2023
NewsNation Live Interview, March 27, 2023
NewsNation Live Interview, March 20, 2023
WTOP Radio Interview - March 20, 2023
Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions Programs - March 20, 2023
VOA Article - March 13, 2023
"This is really more a response to the very aggressive military buildup that China has had, as opposed to anything we're doing that would be provoking to China," Mark Kennedy, director of the Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition at the Wilson Center, told VOA.
State Department International Visitors Program - March 1, 2023
Interview on News Nation - February 8, 2023
Contributions to Wilson Center Publication - Moments of Clarity - February 8, 2023
Technology restrictions only succeed in tandem with other advanced economies. As restrictions bifurcate markets, America will lose foreign consumers unless it embraces trade.
Quoted in Voice of America article - February 8, 2023
“There has not been a broad-based decoupling … and many economists are seeing that there really hasn't been a significant onshoring or reshoring. There are still strong ties, and to break those ties with China would be both difficult and costly.”
Op-Ed in The Hill with Sadek Wahba - February 6 2023
Forward in Wilson Quarterly - February 2, 2023
"Finding the right balance between markets and intervention is key. Close collaboration with allies is also vital. America faces a peer rival: China. Only in tandem with its allies can the US achieve the scale to sustain the international order and deter aggression."
Interactive Profile in Wilson Quarterly - February 2, 2023
"The result of America's inward turn is to step aside as other nations negotiate preferential access and define the terms to trade, sacrificing the jobs that go with that trade and the influence that comes from the associated interactions. Perhaps no other nation has benefited more from America's trade resistance than China."
Wilson Center - February 1, 2023
Former Congressman, businessperson, and university leader Mark Kennedy will serve as WISC’s Director.
Wilson Center Press Release - February 1, 2023
“Succeeding in strategic competition is the animating imperative of our time and the goal of WISC,” said Mark Kennedy, the Director of the new program. “It is an honor to lead such meaningful work in partnership with the many scholars and experts of the Wilson Center.”
Op-Ed in The Hill, January 21, 2023
Narrowing in to understand the trade relationships between China and strategic sectors in the Western Hemisphere should be a fundamental task for [the China select] committee and the 118th Congress to undertake. Ideally, this would lead to actionable results providing tangible economic opportunities for the U.S. and its partners in the region.
Quoted in National Journal - January 19, 2023
“It will be interesting to see what the final Treasury regulations are able to do, but many believe this is going to require a legislative fix,” Kennedy said. “The accommodations that are so far in the Treasury ruling are not of great significance related to the concerns the European community has.” Kennedy argued that Washington should have negotiated with all its major industrial partners before passing such a sweeping piece of legislation. “Climate concern is a global concern,” he added. “Having a more coordinated approach to it, as opposed to something that moves down a protectionist path, is more likely to achieve the climate objectives in an efficient manner.”
Quote in Voice of America - January 13, 2023
"Whether it's health care, education, financial services or agriculture, the U.S. remains a technological leader in all areas that could benefit Africa. The U.S. still has strong ties across Africa. But given that we're dealing with a peer rival and given that they are prioritizing Africa and giving it a lot of attention, it will require the United States to do more."
Op-Ed in The Hill, January 12, 2023
Op-Ed in The Hill, January 2, 2023
Op-Ed in The Hill - December 19, 2022
Policy Brief with Keith Rockwell - December 6, 2022
Quote in South China Morning Post - December 6, 2022
“America needs to prioritise coordination and cohesion with allies to be successful in its #StrategicCompetition with authoritarian powers,"
Panel Discussion in Toronto sponsored by University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy - November 14, 2022
Interview by Germany's WirtschaftsWoche, November 9. 2022
Op Ed in The Hill - November 5, 2022
USNI Article - October 7, 2022
References "The Geopolitical Importance of Southeast Asia and The Pacific" panel
Fireside Chat with Rep. Norcross and Rep. Wittman - October 7, 2022
Speech - Phoenix Council on Foreign Relations - October 5, 2022
Speech - American Chamber of Commerce in Japan - September 14, 2022
Speech - Japan's Chamber of Commerce - September 13, 2022 Tokyo
Lecture - Globis Business School - September 12, Tokyo, Japan
Quoted in Korean Times - September 6, 2022
"I am pleased that the Biden administration has agreed to discuss South Korea's concerns regarding the Inflation Reduction Act," he said in an email interview with The Korea Times. "Just as America wants to ensure that others abide by the terms of trade agreements, it is important that America does so as well."
With Wilson Center Experts - August 15, 2022
Wilson Center Event - July 13, 2022
Interview of Representative Karen Makishima, Minister of Japan's new Digital Agency.
Wilson Center - Northrop Grumman Dialogue - July 11, 2022
Minister Fumio Kishida’s recent introduction of a roadmap to increase Japanese spending on defense from 1 percent of GDP to 2 percent of GDP certainly continues the spirt of Shinzo Abe.
OpEd in Grand Forks Herald - July 2, 2022
Profile of Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, named after University of North Dakota alum.
Attended Course at Maxwell Air Force Base - May 10-12
Learned a lot at the United States Air Force Air University Air War College National Security Forum at Maxwell Air Force Base, including seeing the F-22 Raptor Demo Team.
Briefing - May 5, 2022
Thanks to Colonel Becky Beers and the team at Los Angeles Garrison and Space Systems Command - SSC for an excellent briefing. The US Space Force Guardians there are doing great work keeping our nation safe.
Briefing and Tour - Mary 4, 2022
Thanks to Col. Robert Long, US Space Force Space Launch Delta 30 commander, for briefing me in my role as a civilian advisor to the Secretary of the Air Force. Col Long also gave Debbie Kennedy and I a tour of Space Launch Complex-6 to brief me on on Vandenberg Space Force Base’s commercial launch capabilities. (U.S. Space Force photo by Airman 1st Class Rocio Romo)
Tour of JPL - May 3, 2022
Thanks to Richard Cook, Mars Sample Return Program Manager at NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration's NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Cal Tech - California Institute of Technology Here with replicas of JPL's NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover and Ingenuity Mars helicopter.
Op Ed in The Hill - April 27, 2022
MEETING IN TOKYO - April 27, 2022
Very informative meeting with Yasuyuki Kasai, Director General of National Space Policy Secretariat in Japan's Cabinet Office discussing U.S. - Japan collaboration in Space.
Tour in Japan - April 26, 2022
Learned a lot from my visit to Japan's JAXA Tsukuba Space Center. They are a great NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration -partner. Here inside model of Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” of the International Space Station.
"China sending a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile circling the globe in near earth orbit and then maneuvering toward its target should make it clear that the imperative to preserve leadership in space is nothing to joke about.” “Russia’s recent satellite destruction affirms, the new high ground is space, and it is contested."
Meeting with fellow U.S. Air and Space Force Civic Leader Christian Anschutz and Brig. Gen. John Olson, Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer for the Department of the Air Force and Col. Marc Brock, Commander of Space Delta 2
Letter in Wall Street Journal - April 2, 2022
We must focus on the capabilities to deter China, not on preserving legacy systems and structures more suited to past conflicts.
Wilson Center Policy Brief - April, 2022
Visit with Base Commander Brig Gen Sloane - March 25, 2022
It was great to visit Guam, a territory of the United States, where America's morning begins.
Economic Club of Minnesota - March 8, 2022
As Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Economic Club of Minnesota, I helped establish the Bill Frenzel Champion of Free Trade Award to promote the importance of expanded trade.
I appreciated current University of North Dakota Andrew Armacost recognizing my contributions as the immediate past President of UND as he accepted UND's American Council on Education / Fidelity Investments Award for Institutional Transformation. Congrats to whole UND Team.
It was wonderful to welcome Bob Costa as part of my Frontiers of Freedom Lecture Series at the McCarthy Center at the College of St. Benedict - St. John's Univerity.
Enlisted Graduation Ceremony - November 24, 2021
Op Ed - Air Force Times - November 21, 2021
Here’s hoping that the Netflix series concludes in season two, but that with the United States Space Force being Semper Supra, always above, our democracy will “live long and prosper.”
US Air and Space Force Civic Leaders Visit - November 4-5, 2021
US Air and Space Force Civic Leaders Visit - November 3-4, 2021
Visit - October 27, 2021
Event: Fort Carson Army Base - July 2, 2021
Installing Deputy Commander and State of the Division Address.
Air Force Magazine - June 25, 2021
Kennedy said he’s “thrilled” that the University Partnership Program will involve both workforce development and research development​...
Boulder Daily Camera - June 25, 2021
The partnership program will also serve the Colorado Springs campus, said system President Mark Kennedy, with potential to expand to the Denver and Anschutz campuses.
Event: University of Colorado Colorado Springs - June 21, 2021
President Mark Kennedy and host Emily Davies speak with serial entrepreneur, Stan Lapidus, about his accomplishments and insights on business collaboration in advancing health care, from ingenuity to implementation.
Building our democracy requires starting civics education early.
"As the most significant player in the digital space, America has the most to gain or lose, but ironically, at exactly the worse time to do so, we opted to sit on the sidelines and complain as we continue to watch the rest of the world define the rules for us.
Interview of Dr. Lara Brown regarding her new book.
CU Conference on World Affairs - April 5, 2021
Interviewing Bob Zoellick on his new book.
Event: Winter Night Club - March 31, 2021
Attended General “Jay” Raymond, U.S. Space Command and Commander, discuss the development and expansion of the U.S. Space Command/
Coloardo Springs Gazette OpEd - March 23,2021
Op Ed with Frank Backes, Kevin O’Neil and Venkat Reddy
Event: Colorado Springs - January 22, 2021
Great collaboration by Kevin O'Neill and team that is fueling Colorado's #Aerospace industry.
Speech: Winter Night Club - Colorado Springs - January 21, 2021
None of us have lived in a world where a democracy was not home to the most advanced technology. Only recently have we begun to worry about whether an autocratic nation could achieve technological leadership and what the consequences would be if it did.
Article: Colorado Springs Gazette - December 16, 2020
“This gift will help grow our leadership in these areas for the benefit of the state and the nation,” he said in a statement.
OpEd: Denver Gazette - December 18, 2020
"Colorado’s powerful convergence of academic, industry, government and philanthropic assets set us apart from the pack. We are uniquely positioned to meet Space Command’s needs and help advance its mission and strategic priorities."
Honored to be a member of this commission.
Colorado Springs Gazette - December 16, 2020
"With the support and encouragement of The Anschutz Foundation, we plan to expand UCCS’ engineering building, allowing us to educate more engineers."
Event: Tour UCCS Cybersecurity - October 28, 2020
Event - August 31, 2020
CU Connections - May 28, 2020
Littleton, CO - November 12, 2019
Commencement Speaker - University of North Dakota - May 11, 2019
Competition held at University of North Dakota - April 14, 2019
Pleased to make UND the host university for teh Collegiate Drone Racing Championship Competition.
Panel at University of North Dakota - February 7, 2019
Geo-political and military experts with US Air Force and US Navy (Vice-Admiral Mike Franken) backgrounds converge on UND to discuss evolving meaning of “peace through strength”.
Foreign Policy Op Ed - December 2, 2018
Panel with Hal Brands - November 6, 2018
Tour of US Navy Base in Tokyo - October 12, 2018
With George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management graduate Akiko Kawai.
Panel with Scott Kennedy - April 3, 2018
Shapeholders - November 1, 2017
Shapeholders - October 30, 2017
Economic Club of Minnesota -- September 27, 2017
As Co-Founder and Chairman of the Economic Club of Minnesota, it was an honor to host Finland's President.
Cairo, Egypt - August 12, 2017
Thanks to President Francis J. Ricciardone for tour.
Teaching Business-Government Affairs Course - August 2017
Brasilia, Brazil - August 1, 2017
Hosted by the Brazilian Association of Institutional and Governmental Relations (Abrig) and the National Confederation of Industry (CNI)
Norfolk, VA - July 22, 2017
Huffington Post Op-Ed, June 27, 2017
Grand Fork, ND - April 27, 2017
Hosted conversations between Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Reserve Affairs and Airman Readiness John Fedrigo and University of North Dakota Aerospace on collaboration in training Air Force pilots.
Economic Club of Minnesota - April 19, 2017
Morrison Lecture at UND - 2017
Pearl Harbor, HA to San Diego, CA. -August 3-11, 2016
Foreign Policy Op Ed - June 30, 2016
Russia is playing chess with the United States. The United States is playing checkers back.
Shapeholders - June 23, 2017
United States Embassy in Tokyo, Japan - June 3, 2016
George Washington University GSMP - June 2016
With students in Japan's Diet (Congress).
American Chamber of Commerce in Japan - May 31, 2016
George Washington University GSPM - May 2016
With students at Temple of Heaven.
Welcoming to George Washington University - March 29, 2016
With GW President Knapp
Economic Club of Minnesota - February 7, 2016
Speech at Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey - December 3, 2015
Op Ed - Wall Street Journal - November 15, 2015
American Chamber of Commerce: Mexico - November 13, 2015
Economic Club of Minnesota - November 10, 2015
Hosted as Co-Founder and Chairman of the Economic Club of Minnesota. Photo with student guests at the event.
Business Government Affairs Course - August 2015
George Washington University GSPM - June 5, 2015
With students learning about cultural importance of tea ceremononies in Japan.
George Washington University GSPM - May 29, 2015
With students at China's National People's Congress
George Washington University GSPM - May 25, 2015
With students at Yonsei University
Address as Director of Graduate School of Political Management - May 16, 2015
Address to Joint Session of Congress - April 29, 2015
Economic Club of Minnesota - April 27, 2015
Hosted as Co-Founder and Chair of the Economic Club of Minneosta.
Economic Club of Minnesota - April 19, 2015
Hosted as Co-Founder and Chairman of the Economic Club of Minnesota.
Economic Club of Minnesota - April 13, 2015
United States Embassy in Vienna, Austria - March 17, 2015
Making Democracy Work - March 17, 2015
Economic Club of Minnesota - January 23, 2015
Hosted as Co-Founder and Chairman of the Economic Club of Minnesota.
George Washington University GSPM - December 2014
With students and Lord Jamie Borwick at Westminster Palace.
Foreign Policy Op Ed - December 5, 2014
Foreign Policy Op Ed with Joshua Kempf - October 23, 2014
Impact of U.S. Mid-Term Elections of Foreign Affairs - October 17, 2014
Navigating Political Frontiers - October 17, 2014
Prepare for George Washington Univeristy Course - October 8, 2014
In Gyeongbokgung Palace.
Foreign Policy Op Ed - July 18, 2014
Foreign Policy Op Ed - May 30, 2014
Meeting in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - May 7, 2014
The Sheikha also served as President of Zayed University. Discussed possible collaborations with George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management.
Meeting in Johannesburg - May 4, 2014
Met to prepare for a immersion course in South Africa by students from George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management.
George Washington University GSPM - March 2014
With students in front of Brazil's Capitol.
Economic Club of Minnesota - January 28. 2014
Photo with former Congressman Tim Penny, Congressman Erik Paulsen and President Clinton's former Chief of Staff Mac McLarty.
American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing - January 16, 2014
Peak Leadership - January 14, 2014
Tokyo - Discussing US-Japanese Relations - January 14, 2014
Meet with Legislator - Tour of Hall - January 13, 2014
George Washington University GSPM - January 2014
Bali, Indonesia - December 3-4, 2013
With Arancha Gonzalez - then the head of the International Trade Centre, later Foreign Minister for Spain.
George Washington Univeristy Alums - December 2, 2013
George Washington University GSPM - November 2013
With students in Brussels' La Grand Place.
US-China Relations - September 10, 2013
George Washington University GSPM - August 2013
With students in front of Hagia Sophia.
Foreign Policy Op Ed - August 2, 2013
Congratulatory Remarks - June 29, 2013
Madrid, Spain - June 27, 2013
US-EU Relations - June 25, 2013
HuffPost Op-Ed, May 21, 2013
Hosted for Speech at George Washington University - May 19, 2013
Hosted as Director of the Graduate School of Political Management
Address as Director of the Graduate School of Political Management - May 18, 2013
Foreign Policy Op Ed - February 22, 2013
Former Member of Congress - National Archives - July 10, 2012
IDFA Conference - May 6, 2012
Economic Club of Minnesota - April 17, 2012
Hosted as Co-Founder and Chairman of the Economic Club of Minnesota.
Business in a Political Age - October 2011
São Paulo, Brazil - September 22, 2011
London Business School Alumni at Fundação Getulio Vargas
Economic Club of Minnesota - September 8, 2011
Hosted as Co-Founder and Chairiman of the Economic Club of Minnesota
Focus to Finish First - May 9, 2011
Focus to Finish First - March 10, 2011
HEC Business School - March 8, 2011
Annual Meeting of New Champions - September 13-15, 2010
Focus to Finish First - September 7, 2010
Advisor to Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations - September 3, 2010
Joining Sam Pitroda at a wedding ceremony in New Delhi.
Lakenheath, UK - July 28, 2010
Pensacola, FL - April, 2010
Newport, RI - March, 2010
Bethesda, MD - August 1, 2009
Economic Club of Minnesota - April 2009
As Co-Founder and Chairman of the Economic Club of Minnesota, honored to host the Amb. Ischinger, founder of the Munich Security Forum.
Norfolk, VA - January 10, 2009
October 22-23, 2008
As Global Business Development Lead for Accenture - October 20, 2008
Economic Club of Minnesota - October 16, 2008
Future Secretary of State for Defense, the Board of Trade and International Trade.
As Global Retail Business Development Lead at Accenture - June 18-20, 2008
November 2007
Meeting with China's Ministry of Commerce.
May 14, 2007
Opening Ad for U.S. Senate Race - July 25, 2006
CODEL - November, 2005
Photo with US Marines in Baghdad
State Department Sponsored Visit - June 2005
Lunch at Ambassador's residence. Visit to Hmong refugee camp in Phetchabun.
State Department Sponsored Visit - June 2005
Met in Taipei as Congressman.
Visited - June 2, 2005
Photo in Joint Security Area conference room with North Korean soldier observing through the window.
Visited in Seoul on State Department Mission - June 2, 2005
Army General Leon Laporte
State Department Sponsored Visit - June 2, 2005
State Department Sponsored Visit - June 1, 2005
State Department Sponsored Visit - June 1, 2005
State Department Sponsored Visit - June 1, 2005
State Department Sponsored Visit - May, 2005
Visited Yang Jiechi in Beijing as Congressman following his service as Ambassador to the United States.
Celebrated Holiday Meal with Family - December 28, 2004
CODEL - August, 2004
Being Breifed by US Army Genearl George W. Casey Jr. in Baghdad, Iraq.
Congressional Visit - August 16, 2004
Briefed by US Marine General James T. Conway
Visit to Tirana, Albania - February 17, 2004
With Congressman Gil Gutknecht and Ambassadodr James Jeffries
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina - February 16, 2004
Bipartisan CODEL - August 24-28, 2003
2003, 2004, 2005
Norfolk, VA - July 12, 2003
Collegeville, Minnesota - May 2002
Visited December 1, 2001
Visit at Sea - November 9, 2001
Joined Secretary of the Navy Gordon England in welcoming home sailors who "kicked the door open" on the War on Terror.
Overnight Visit at Sea - July 14, 2001
Toured Base - USS Connecticut - Groton, CT - March, 2001